David Himmelfarb                                         

2012   University of Georgia, Athens, GA  Ph.D. (Anthropology)
Dissertation Title: In the Aftermath of Displacement: A Political Ecology of                              Dispossession, Transformation, and Conflict on Mt. Elgon, Uganda.

2004   Cornell University, Ithaca, NY  B.A. (College Scholar/Anthropology)
Magna Cum Laude

Current Position:
Visiting Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL

Teaching Interests:
Introduction to Environmental Studies, Food and Sustainability, Environmental Anthropology, Political Ecology of Africa, Conservation and Community, General Education

Research Interests:
Agroecology, conservation conflict, rural livelihoods, food and food insecurity, forced migration, climate change, economic anthropology, political ecology, East Africa, Southeast Asia, US South, Central America

Teaching Experience:
Eckerd College (2014-present), Instructor/Visiting Assistant Professor
Introduction to Environmental Studies (1 section)
Human Experience (1 section)
Imagining Justice (1 section)
Food and Sustainability (1 section)
Quest for Meaning (2 sections)

University of South Florida St. Petersburg (2014-2016), Instructor
Environmental Anthropology (2 sections)
Cultural Anthropology (5 sections)

Hillsborough Community College (2014-2015)
Introduction to Anthropology (Four Field) (4 sections)

University of Georgia (2009 and 2013), Instructor
How the World (really) Works: The Anthropology of Globalization and Consumption (2 sections)

Teaching Assistantships, Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia
2011      Introduction to Anthropology
2010      Senior Capstone Seminar
2010      Introduction to Latin America
2007      African Ethnography
2006      Cultural Anthropology

(in prep) Himmelfarb, D. and Cavanagh, C. Conservation, Territorialization, and Conflict in Mount Elgon National Park. In The Politics of Conservation and Development in Uganda, Chris Sandbrook, Connor J. Cavanagh, David M. Tumusiime, eds. London: Earthscan

(under review) Cavanagh, C. and Himmelfarb, D. Nature, Territory, and the Afterlives of Empire: Genealogies of Upland Hunter-gatherer Dispossession in East Africa. Annals of the Association of American Geographers

 2016   Johnson Gaither, C., Himmelfarb, D., Hitchner, S., Schelhas, J., Shepherd, M., and KC, B. ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’: Examining the Potential for Climate Change Mitigation in Atlanta’s Cascade Community. City & Society 28(2):174-197

2015   Cavanagh, C. and Himmelfarb, D. ‘Much in Blood and Money’: Necropolitical Ecology on the Margins of the Uganda Protectorate. Antipode, 47(1):55-73

2014   Himmelfarb, D., Schelhas, J., Hitchner, S., Johnson Gaither, C., Dunbar, K., Brosius, J.P., Perceptions of and Attitudes toward Climate Change in the Southeastern United States. In International Perspectives on Climate Change: Latin America and Beyond, Walter Leal Filho, Fátima Alves, Sandra Caeiro, Ulisses M. Azeiteiroed, eds. 287-299. New York: Springer Press

2007    Himmelfarb, D. “Locating Trade-offs in Conservation: Looking Back Over Three Decades of Changes in Conservation Practice and Decision Making.” Working Paper. Advancing Conservation in a Social Context, MacArthur Foundation and UGA

2006    Himmelfarb, D. “Moving People, Moving Boundaries: The Socio-Economic Effects of Protectionist Conservation, Involuntary, Resettlement and Tenure Insecurity on the Edge of Mt. Elgon National Park, Uganda.” Agroforestry in Landscape Mosaics Working Paper Series, World Agroforestry Centre. Reprinted in 2007 by African Highlands Initiative, Working Paper Series

2006   Himmelfarb, D. (book review) Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics and Culture. Monique Borgerhoff Mulder and Peter Coppolillo. Ecological and Environmental Anthropology. 2(1):34-5

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards:
2011  Dissertation Completion Award, Graduate School, UGA ($12,830)
2009  National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant ($14,920)
2006  Harold K. Schneider Graduate Paper Prize, Society for Economic Anthropology
2005  World Agroforestry Centre Agroforestry in Landscape Mosaics Fellowship ($4,500)
2004-2006  University-Wide Research Assistantship, Graduate School, UGA ($28,000)
2002  Dean’s Scholar Summer Research Grant, College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University ($2,000)

Invited Presentations:
2009 “Minding the Gap(s): Locating Power in Conservation Decision Making.” Conservation and Development Trade-offs in Peru, Advancing Conservation in a Social Context, MacArthur Foundation, June 23-25. Lima, Peru

2007 “Moving People, Moving Boundaries: The Socio-economic Effects of Protectionist Conservation, Involuntary Resettlement and Tenure Insecurity on the Edge of Mt. Elgon National Park, Uganda.” Harold K. Schneider Award Presentation. Society for Economic Anthropology, April 13-14. Greensboro, NC

Conference Presentations:
2014   Nature, Territory, and the Afterlives of Empire: Genealogies of Upland Hunter-gatherer Dispossession in East Africa. With Connor Cavanagh. Political Ecologies of the Green Economy, 10-11 December, Oslo Litteraturhuset, Norway

2014   The Perils of Resurrecting ‘Dead Capital’: Heir Property Interventions and Contradictions of Value along the Georgia Coast. With Cassandra Johnson Gaither and Meredith Welch Devine, November 23-25, Southeast Division of the Association of American Geographers, Athens, GA

2014 Coming Together: Climate Change, Resilience, and Mutual Aid in the Southeastern US. With Sarah Hitchner, Cassandra Johnson-Gaither, John Schelhas, Kathryn Dunbar, J. Peter Brosius, April 24-26, Society for Applied Anthropology, Austin, TX (Poster)

2014 Caught between the Market and the Family: African American Land Retention and Loss in the Low Country. With Cassandra Johnson Gaither and Meredith Welch Devine. Association of American Geographers, April 8-12, Tampa, FL

2013 “Perceptions of Climate Change, Vulnerability, and Resiliency in Metropolitan Atlanta” with Sarah Hitchner, Kathryn Dunbar, Cassandra Johnson-Gaither, John Schelhas, Marshall Shepherd, and Binita KC. International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Estes Park, CO. June 4-8.

2013 “‘Much in Blood and Money’: A Necropolitical Ecology of Internal Territorialisation on the Margins of the Uganda Protectorate, 1890-1960” with Connor Cavanagh, Grabbing Green: Questioning the Green Economy, May 17-19, Toronto, Canada

2012 “Staying like Prisoners, Cultivating like Thieves: Resettlement, Livelihoods Transformation and the Politics of Land Tenure Insecurity in the Benet Resettlement Area.” Dimensions of Political Ecology, April 13-15. Lexington, KY

2011 “Protectionism and the Production of Conflict and Livelihood Vulnerability on the Edge of Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda.” Aberdeen Center for Environmental Sustainability 2011: Conservation Conflicts, August 22-24. Aberdeen, Scotland

2011 “Making Culture Count: Measuring Food Security in Vietnam and Uganda.” With Jessie Fly. Society for Applied Anthropology, March 29-April 3. Seattle, WA

2010 “Of Soil and Semiotics: Competing Moral Mandates and Visions of Indigeneity in a Park-People Conflict on Mt. Elgon, Uganda.” American Anthropological Association, November 17-21. New Orleans, LA

2009 “Who’s Indigenous Here?: Narratives of Indigeneity and the Struggle for Land Rights on Mount Elgon, Uganda.” Society for Applied Anthropology, March 17-21. Santa Fe, NM

2007 “Clearing, Claiming and Contestation: Men’s Strategies for Negotiating Access to Land and Navigating Conflict in Zambia.” Society for Applied Anthropology, March 27- April 1, 2007. Tampa, FL

2006 “Shifting Boundaries, Breaking Promises: Environmental Degradation and Economic Inequality on the Edge of Mt. Elgon National Park, Uganda.” Society for Applied Anthropology, March 28-April 2. Vancouver, Canada

Research Experience:
2012-Present  Post-doctoral research. Georgia, USA
2009-2010  Dissertation research (11 months). Mt. Elgon, Uganda
2007-2008  Research assistantship (12 months). Tra Vinh, Vietnam
2006  NSF Ethnographic Methods Field School (1.5 months). Chikanta, Zambia
2005  Preliminary dissertation research (2.5 months). Mt. Elgon, Uganda
2004-2006  Research assistantship. (2 academic years). UGA and the MacArthur Foundation
2003  Undergraduate thesis research (4 months). Samoa
2002  Preliminary thesis research (2 months). Cornell University and Harvard University
2001  Research assistantship (5 months). Cultural Survival
2001 Research internship (2.5 months). Guandera and Jatun Sacha Biological Reserves, Ecuador

Professional Service:
2013    Co-organizer, ““African Indigeneity in the Neoliberal Era: New Cartographies of Inclusion and Exclusion in Resource Conflicts,” with Amber Huff, Society for Applied Anthropology, Denver, CO
2012    Mentor, Responsive Forest Governance Initiative, University of Illinois
2011    Organizer, “Urban Food Systems: Culture and Security,” Society for Applied Anthropology, Seattle, WA
2009    Organizer, Double panel: “Conservation Conflicts and the Politics of Identity,” Society for Applied Anthropology, Santa Fe, NM
2007    Co-organizer, “Social Responses to Insecure Livelihoods in a Zambian Frontier: Findings from the 2006 NSF Ethnographic Methods Field School,” with Nicholas Sitko, Society for Applied Anthropology, Tampa, FL

Reviewer for:
Conservation Biology, Conservation & Society, Land Degradation and Development

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